Apr 4, 2013

100 Floors Escape Level 28 29 30 31

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Level 28 on 100 Floors Escape Solution
Take a knife on the floor next to the left, then use the knife to clean up the vines on the door.
Press the white bulb in the following order:
The bulb right 3 times
The bulb left 3 times
The bulb right 2 times
The bulb left 2 times
Right light bulb 1 time
And the door will open.

100 Floors Escape Level 28 29 30 31 Beat

100 Floors Escape Level 28 29 30 31 Walkthrough

Level 29 on Game 100 Floors Escape Guide
Press each card on the right and left of the door, when a card shape appeared at the door. Starting with the blue card is right next door.
Blue Card: Club, Diamond, Heart, Spade
Red card: Club, Spade, Diamond, Heart
So the door is open.

Level 30 on 100 Floors Escape Answers

Press the button to the right of the door repeatedly, so that the needle on the door slid to the right and open the door.

Level 31 on 100 Floors Escape Cheats
Shake your phone to release the timber to the right of the door.
Then slide the mirror to the left of the light on the floor.
Now press the numbers 7589 on the door.
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