Apr 3, 2013

100 Floors Escape Level 32 33 34 35

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Level 32 on 100 Floors Escape Answers
Shake your phone, so that all the locks fell to the floor.
Place each key corresponding to the color of the box, and at the start with the color sequence of the rainbow on the door.
Here's the correct color sequence:
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Blue, Purple.

100 Floors Escape Level 32 33 34 35 Hint

100 Floors Escape Level 32 33 34 35 Cheats

Level 33 on 100 Floors Escape Guide
Making a burger according to picture on right next door.
Press materials burger flying from left to right, the sequence starting from the bottom:
Bread, lettuce, onion, cheese, meat, ketchup, bread.

Level 34 on 100 Floors Escape Solution

Note any letter "TIME" spinning, count how many rounds of each alphabet.
T = 8
I = 6
M = 5
E = 7
Now change the number 0 on each circle with the number 8657.

Level 35 on 100 Floors Escape Walkthrough
Changing the map of the circle to be true.
Press each color arrows at the bottom, so that the maps in the turning circle.
Now continue to the 100 Floors Escape Level 36 37 38 39 Solution

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