Apr 23, 2013

100 Floors Escape Level 49 50 51 52

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Answers to Level 49 on 100 Floors Escape
Change the position of the tone the existing at the bottom, by pressing each tone, so the tone sequences similar to those at the top.
For more details you can see in the picture below.

100 Floors Escape Level 49 50 51 52 Explanation

100 Floors Escape Level 49 50 51 52 Cheats

Level 50 on Game 100 Floors Escape Guide
Turn the phone upside down to get the number 49.
How many red dots on the number 49?
The answer: 4 = 10 and 9 = 13
To open the door, press the number 1013 in the door.

Level 51 on 100 Floors Escape Solution

It's easy for you to do, just press each piece and placed into the proper position.
Orange color on top
And blue below.

Level 52 on 100 Floors Escape Solved
For instructions, see the jewel color order on the floor.
Now press one by one jewel in the door to change into the correct position.
To open the door, the position of the gems in the door should be the same as the position of the gems on the floor.
Press the gem with the following color sequence:
Red, Green, Skyblue, Yellow, Red
Skyblue, Green, Blue, Purple Skyblue
Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow
Green, Blue, Purple, Green
Now continue to the 100 Floors Escape Level 53 54 55 56 Solution

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