May 19, 2013

Solution Game Doors Runaway Level 23 24 25 26

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100 Doors Runaway Level 23 Solution
Take 8 gears on the floor right.
Place each gear in a black dot on the wall next to the left and above.
Each round gears in touch following the round gear touched.

100 Doors Runaway Level 23 24 25 26 Solution

Game 100 Doors Runaway Level 24 Guide
Tilt the phone slightly to the left to get a white ball.
Take the white ball on the floor and use the ball to hit the painting until rupture.
Take the painting fragments on the floor, then place each shape with right at the door.
Orange in the top left, blue on the top right, the green in the middle.

100 Doors Runaway Level 29 Cheats

I think to beat this level is very easy.
Tap and drag your finger in the direction the arrow that appears at the door.
Right, Left, Down, Up

100 Doors Runaway Level 26 Guide
Calculate any number of footprints on the floor, according to the order of beings in the picture above the door.
Person = 2, Cow = 4, crane = 2, Spider = 8, Snake = 0
Press the square button to the left of the door and input 24280
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