May 4, 2013

100 Zombies Level 25 26 27 28

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Solution Level 25 on 100 Zombies
Slide the tombstones left to right, so you will see a crowbar.
Take the crowbar and use to unload the wood at the door, and hit the door to open.

100 Zombies Level 25 26 27 28 Cheats

100 Zombies Level 25 26 27 28 Solved

Guide Level 26 on 100 Zombies
Press each piece of the box so that the pipe from the top left to the bottom right will be connected.

Answers Level 27 on 100 Zombies

Press the red button on the floor, then press the button that lights up on the wall in sequence, do this 4 times, if you get an error pressing, press the red button again.

Walkthrough Level 28 on 100 Zombies
Grab a gun on the left, and use it to shoot all the tombstones, shoot each headstone 2 times.
Then press the gun in inventory menu and press the door to open.
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