Jun 3, 2013

100 Doors Runaway Hint Level 63 64 65 66

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Game 100 Doors Runaway Level 63 Solution
Take the netting above the hole on the left, then use the net to take the stone in the hole.
Use rocks to burn a pile of wood, so it appears the fire of wood.
Take the pan in the floor, then enter the pot into the hole, then save a pot on the fire, so you will see the numbers 45789 on the mirror above the pan.
Press the square button and enter the number 45789.

100 Doors Runaway Level 63 64 65 66 Solution

Game 100 Doors Runaway Level 64 Guide
Take duct tape on the floor next to the left, then put duct tape on the square box to the right of the door and press the square box, so that the fireflies shifted to the right.
Take fireflies and put in a bottle, and shake your phone to unlock the door.

100 Doors Runaway Level 65 Solution

Notice the star on the roof, now you make a star using a green circle on the wall.
Press the green circle with the following sequence:
Bottom right, top middle, bottom left, top right, top left, bottom right.

100 Doors Runaway Level 66 Hint
Slide all locks from right to left, so it looks a green circle on the door.
Now drag the green circle on the door accordance in a square pattern on the left of the door, do this 3 times.
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