Aug 11, 2013

100 Doors Runaway Level 87 88 89 90 Solution

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100 Doors Runaway Level 87 Solution
At this level there is one big circle and 4 small circle of color.
Now take a look each small circle has how many rounds? Then press each small circle according to the number of spins.
Right 3 times, Up 2 times, Left 4 times, and under 3 times.

100 Doors Runaway Level 87 88 89 90

100 Doors Runaway Level 87 88 89 90 Walkthrough

100 Doors Runaway Level 88 Guide
Take a lantern on the right, then place on top of the burning satay.
Then press the skewers several times until the smoke went into the hole, and the hole is right next door will open.
Now grab the key in the open pit, and use it to open the door.

100 Doors Runaway Level 89 Answers

You can see the instructions on the door with figures and clockwork.
Fill each box with roman numerals corresponding to those in the show at the door.
Box 1 line = XXX
Box row 2 = XXXI
Box Line 3 = XXXII
Box 4 rows = XXXIII
And the door will open.

100 Doors Runaway Level 90 Walkthrough
Pay attention to the instructions by the letter NSEWNWES on the left wall.
Now tilt your phone left, right, down, to get directions to the red needle on the door, if you have changed the direction of the needle, and press SET.
(E) East = Right
(S) South = Bottom
(N) North = Top
(W) West = Left
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