Sep 3, 2013

Need to Escape Guide Level 13 14 15 16

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Need to Escape Level 13 Answers
Pull the rope hanging down as much as 6 times, so that the box in the wall shifted to the right, then press the keypad and drag the green dots like a pattern in the box.

Need to Escape Level 13 14 15 16 Guide

Need to Escape Level 13 14 15 16 Cheat

Need to Escape Level 14 Guide
See each position number on the wall.
Press all the rockets at the table one by one such as the number and position of numbers on the wall.

Need to Escape Level 15 Answers

Note the letter "RISE" on the wall, and then subtract or add the letters with numbers on it.
R-2 = P = (7), I +3 = L = (5), S +8 = A = (2), E-6 = Y = (9)
Now touch keypad and press the number 7529.

Need to Escape Level 16 Solution
Press the red button and blue on the left near the faucet.
Hint: What color is lost in the black box next to the left wall?, Then press the button corresponding to sequences the color of the missing.
Blue, Red, Red, Blue.
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