Oct 7, 2013

Brownish Escape Level 19 20 21

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Brownish Escape Level 19 Solution
Place a shield in the left hand statue, and place the sword in the hands of the right statue, then take the neon in the box at the foot of the statue, and put neon on the box on the right wall, so that the button lights up green, and tap to open the door.

Brownish Escape Level 19 20 21 Solution

Escape From The Brown World Level 19 20 Solution

Brownish Escape Level 20 Guide
Tap the box to the left of the floor, then take the battery on the floor
Press the tire on the right floor, then grab the remote on the floor
Combine the remote with batteries, and press the big button, and press the door to open

Brownish Escape Level 19 20 21 Guide
Escape From The Brown World Level 21 Guide

Brownish Escape Level 21 Guide

Open the closet door in the floor next to the right, then take three arrowheads
Open the rack door on the left wall, then press the wheel on the right to see the three red dots pattern
Now press the wheel in the door, and place the arrows one by one as in the pattern of red dots on the wheel
Now continue to the Level 22 23 24 Brownish Escape Solution

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