Oct 12, 2013

Brownish Escape Level 7 8 9

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Brownish Escape Level 7 Solution
Open the door sideboard on the right, then take a piece of string
Place the strap on the top right corner of the window on the left wall
Then press the rope to see the numbers in the window, and open the door by entering numbers 921

Brownish Escape Level 7 8 9 Explanation

Brownish Escape Level 7 8 Solution

Brownish Escape Level 8 Guide
Take the wheel in the rack, and then open the box in the top shelf, then take the wrench
Open the closet door on the right wall, then grab the wheel
Place the large wheels in the back seat, and place a small wheel in the front seat, then use a wrench to tighten the wheel, and hit the wheelchair so drove to the right, and hit the door to open.

Brownish Escape Level 7 8 9 Cheats

Brownish Escape Level 9 Guide

Brownish Escape Level 9 Solution

Open the left drawer and take a cloth
Use the cloth to clean the mirror, and you will see the numbers 348
Then open the drawer on the right by entering numbers 348, and grab the key in the drawer, then use the key to open the door.
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