Dec 3, 2013

Let's Escape Guide Level 2

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Lets Escape Level 2 Guide
See the 1513 car number plate
Take a pair of scissors on top of the car seat
Use scissors to open the box to the left of the floor and enter the numbers 1513 to unlock the padlock, note the position of the arrow in the black circle and grab grip opener

Let's Escape Level 2 Explanation
Let's Escape Level 2

Let's Escape Level 2 Answers

Lets Escape Level 2 Guide

See the position of the arrow on the tire, fire extinguisher and a steering wheel
See the green box on the right-hand wall, then use grip opener and sliding the needle in each of the colored buttons according to the position of the arrow, so that the green box is open.
Then grab the key in the box and use it to open the door
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