Dec 4, 2013

Let's Escape Guide Level 3

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Lets Escape Level 3 Solution
Take the cable inside the cardboard box to the left of the floor and grab a paper in the green box on the right corner floor
Place the cable on the left washer, and paper input into the washing machine so that it will look the numbers 1410

Let's Escape Level 3 Walkthrough
Lets Escape Level 3

Let's Escape Level 3 Cheats

Lets Escape Level 3 Guide

Let's Escape Level 3 Explanation
See the tool box on the table and grab the handle screwdriver blue
See the box on the shelf right next to the wall, and enter the number 1410 to open the box, then take the tip of a screwdriver in the box

Let's Escape Level 3 Explanation

Let's Escape Level 3 Solution

See the bottom shelf, use a screwdriver to open the box
Then grab the key in the box and use it to open the door.
Now continue to the Level 4 on Lets Escape Guide

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