Dec 5, 2013

Let's Escape Guide Level 4

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Lets Escape Level 4 Guide
Enlarge the bed, grab the key at the bottom of the doll (doll dressed in purple) and take the battery under the pillow
See the bike in the right corner and grab a pencil
See shelf on the right wall, then use a pencil to draw in the book and will look red flowers
See below book toy plane (Plane toy yellow)

Let's Escape Guide Level 4 Cheats

Lets Escape Level 4 Solution

Use the key to open the drawer on the right floor, then take the black paper in the drawer and take the battery under the ball (green ball)

Let's Escape Guide Level 4 Answers

Let's Escape Level 4 Guide

Let's Escape Guide Level 4 Solution

Open the closet door right, input the battery and the black paper into the box, so you will see the numbers 6734.
Press the center of the closet door and enter 6734, then grab the hammer
Open the closet door to the left, then use the hammer to open the box and you will be 4 square green, red, purple and yellow
Then press the color of each square a few times, so it will look picture balls, flowers, dolls and ships, then press box and grab the key in the box and use it to open the door.
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