Dec 9, 2013

Let's Escape Guide Level 6

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Lets Escape Guide Level 6 Solution
Take the key under the pillow on the chair, then use the key to open the bottom of the closet door, and grab the ink in the bottle.

Let's Escape Level 6

Let's Escape Level 6 Answers

Lets Escape Level 6 Guide

Take a paper in the ashtray on the table
Use ink / bottle on a stack of papers on the table right, and see the paper in your supplies menu to see the position of the numbers in the black square (19613).

Let's Escape Level 6 Hint
Lets Escape Level 6

Let's Escape Level 6 Guide
Open the drawer to take out flashdisk and take the memory card inside the book at the top of the closet

Let's Escape Level 6 Solve

Lets Escape Level 6 Solution

Put flashdisk on a laptop, then press the number 19613
Then press each piece of the puzzle, so it will look the numbers 242.

Let's Escape  Level 6 Explanation

Let's Escape Level 6 Walkthrough

Put the numbers 242 to open the bottom drawer, then grab the key in the drawer to open the door.
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