Dec 11, 2013

Let's Escape Guide Level 8

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Lets Escape Level 8 Guide

Let's Escape Level 8 Solution
Let's Escape Level 8 Solution

Take a pair of scissors in the drawer
Take a piece of paper on the chair
Take a cardboard box in potted plants
Use scissors to open the cardboard box, then grab the key

Let's Escape Level 8 Answers

Lets Escape Level 8 Guide

Let's Escape Guide Level 8
Use the key to open the drawer, and took the bottle in the drawer
Grab the handle tang behind the painting
Place the bottle / red ink and paper on the painting
See the figures correspond to the position of face icon
Open the bottom drawer by entering the numbers 5742, then take the pliers head

Let's Escape Level 8 Solve

Let's Escape Level 8 Walkthrough

Note the position of small colored balls on the table
Use pliers to pull out the wire at the bottom of the painting, and then slide the painting to the right hand, and press each point corresponding to the position of a small ball on the table to open the box
Take the key in the box and use it to open the door
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2 komentar:

JustMe said...

I can't get the right combination of small balls. What is it? And do we tap all except the small balls, or just the small balls? I tried the numbers of the colored balls, and it doesn't work. I tried what the picture shows, and it doesn't work.

denis mustofa said...

Sorry, the white circles upside down, and has been repaired
Press all the circles, then press the corresponding circle on the picture above, and press the white circles the top
Thank you