Dec 11, 2013

Let's Escape Guide Level 9

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Lets Escape Level 9 Guide
Grab the handle of the knife / cutter in the hole billiard table, and see the sequence of colors in a white ball

Let's Escape Level 9 Cheats
Let's Escape Level 9 Cheats

See the figures in a circle on the wall left of the door
Enter the number 11913 on the treadmill, then take the tip of a knife / cutter

Let's Escape Level 9 Solve

Lets Escape Level 9 Guide

Let's Escape Level 9 Walkthrough
Use a knife / cutter on the left side of the blue circle, and grab the key
Use the key to open the cupboard on the right, then take a pair of pliers, and note the position of the colored balls and see the position of the ball on the pool table

Let's Escape Level 9 Hint

Lets Escape Level 9 Solution

Use pliers to open the loop on the wall to the left of the door, then enter the number 5162 to open the box and take a key to unlock the door.
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