Jan 26, 2014

Escape Action Level 96 97 98 99 100

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Escape Action Level 96 Solution
Tap a match on paper to pick it up
Use a match to explode dynamite at the wall, then grab a spear tip in the hole in the wall
Use the tip of the spear for turning circle at the door, with the position of the needle as follows:
Needle at the top = 3:00
Needle in the middle = 12:00
Needle at the bottom of = 9:00

Escape Action Level 96 97 98 99 100 Solution

Escape Action Level 96 97 98 99 100 Guide

Escape Action Level 97 Guide
Take the seeds on the floor and place the seeds into the bottom of the gap in the wall
Rub watering the plants to bring forth a sponge, and then take a sponge on the floor, and use the sponge to the seed, so the seed bloom
Tap the drum 4 times, then slide number 4 on the empty box at the bottom left, and press the "+" so it would appear the number 8
Slide number 8 into a gap in the middle of the wall, then press the number 8
Shake your phone, so that a fan fell down, then grab the fan on the floor
Place the fan into the gap at the top of the wall, then turn the fan up to the open door

Escape Action Level 98 Solution

Press the green button on the right wall to drop a knife, then take a knife on the seat
Use the knife on the leaf on the right
Tilt your phone, so all green needles pointing to a gap in the middle of the wall, and press the writing "STOP"

Escape Action Level 99 Walkthrough

Pull the paper up and take a wrench on the floor, then use a wrench on the faucet 3 times
Take a sponge in between the blue and green boxes
Use the sponge to the water in the sink
Pull the rope on the left top to bottom
Use a sponge to clean the bottom right box, then count each colored line in each box
Pull the rope down and hit each colored box in the window according to the number of lines
Gray = 5 times, Blue = 8 times, Green = 7 times

Escape Action Level 100 Guide
Pull a blue ball to a pumpkin quickly to earn points
Get 90 points to resolve at this level
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