Feb 10, 2014

Let's Escape Guide Level 12

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Lets Escape Level 12 Guide
Take an object on the right hand seat, and grab a clockwork in the book on the table
Placing objects on a blue circle on the glass on the left wall, then grab a key
Use the key to open the drawer to the left of the table, then take a highlighter

Let's Escape Level 12 Cheats

Let's Escape Level 12 Solution

Lets Escape Level 12 Solution

Guide Lets Escape Level 12
Take a clockwork at the bottom of the blackboard
Take a paper in the litter box to the left of the door
See the paper and use a highlighter to remove some of the letters, so it will look the letter "SILO = 0715"
See the clock on the right wall, then place the needle on the clock and turn clockwise to the 7:15 position
Then grab a CD at the wall clock

Let's Escape Level 12 Guide

Lets Escape Level 12 Guide

Put the CD into the laptop to the right of the table, then press each box to construct a puzzle, so it will look at the instructions on the two black boxes, and then look at the position of the numbers (24 and 13) in the book correspond to the position of the two black boxes on the laptop.
Open the drawer to the right of the table by entering the number 2413, then took a key in the drawer and use the key to open the door.
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