Jul 31, 2014

Escape the Mansion Guide Level 176 177 178 179 180

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Escape the Mansion Level 176 Solution
Get a match on the right
Turn lighters with box to the left
Burn all the rope hanging use matches, how many sparks on each strap
Press the number 3 to display the number 7 13 11 27 19 3

Escape the Mansion Level 176 177 178 179 180 Solve

Escape the Mansion Level 176 177 Hints

Escape the Mansion Level 177 Guide
Press a hammer to take it
Use a hammer to hit the wall to the left 3 times, then take a lever
Place the lever on the box at the door
Note the position of the clockwise at each clock
Turn the lever in accordance with their respective positions clockwise:
2 times to the right, to the right 5 times, 7 times to the left, to the right 4 times, 6 times to the right

Escape the Mansion Level 178 Solution
Note the arrows on the floor as a guide
Pull the wheel to each button on the wall clockwise, then press the wheel to rotate in accordance with the number on the door

Level 179 on Game Escape the Mansion Guide

Press the board in the top of the door, and then shake your phone to drop the board, so it will be visible figures 6975
Press the wheel a few times so that the number of knots on the rope according to the numbers at the top of the door
Press bell 1 time each number of knots in the rope appears

Escape the Mansion Level 180 Walkthrough
As in the previous level, shifting the rectangle to remove a key. At this level rectangular more numerous than ever
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