Oct 26, 2014

Bank Escape Cheats Level 1 2

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Bank Escape Level 1 Solution
Press the toolbox on the floor and look at the numbers 735 on the wall, then enter the number 735 in the toolbox
Take a vacuum and glass cutter in the toolbox
Take markers above the electrical panel

Bank Escape Level 1 2 Guide

Bank Escape Level 2 Guide

Combine glass cutter and vacuum
Press the glass on the left, then use markers to create a circle
Place the glass scissors and hit 3 times

Bank Escape Level 2 Guide
Bank Escape Level 1 2 Hints

Bank Escape Level 2 Cheats

Bank Escape Level 2 Cheats
Take a teapot and faucet handles on the table left
Arrange the puzzle (BANK CORP) correctly so it will look number 61, then take the tap in the hole box
Combine faucets and faucet handles and place the faucet into the dispenser
Fill the teapot with water dispenser

Place the teapot on the table left so that it appears the steam, and then look at the number 29 on the mirror
Open suitcase on a table right by entering the number in 2961, and then grab the key card in the suitcase, use the key card to open the door
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