Oct 28, 2014

Bank Escape Cheats Level 5

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Bank Escape Level 5 Cheats
Take pliers in cupboards right, then use pliers to open the box to the right of the door, and press the right button
Take flash drive and cutter on the table
Insert the flash drive into the computer on the desk right side, so it will look the numbers 2, 4, 7, and 3

Bank Escape Level 5 Solution

Bank Escape Level 5 Hints

Bank Escape Level 5 Guide
Use the cutter to the painting, and then press the four buttons correspond with the numbers in the computer, then take the card (VIP) in the box
Use the card to open the drawer under the computer, then take the wire, and see every high box

Bank Escape Level 5 Walkthrough

Bank Escape Level 5 Cheats

Combine pliers with wire, then use a wire to open the door
Press each key corresponding to the height of the box in the drawer
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