Oct 30, 2014

Bank Escape Cheats Level 7

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Bank Escape Level 7 Cheats
Take a pencil on a safes at the left
Take the pencil shavings on the top of the chimney
Combine pencils and pencil shavings
Use a pencil to write the numbers on the paper on the table and grab a cup-like object

Bank Escape Level 7 Solution

Bank Escape Level 7 Hints

Bank Escape Level 7 Guide
Press the orange button on the left of the door to green
Take the battery on the back of the box at the top of the safes on the right, then enter the number 7319 in the safes, and then take the pliers and the remote in the safe
Use pliers to cut the red wire to the left of the door
Combine the batteries with the remote

Bank Escape Level 7 Solve

Bank Escape Level 7 Guide

Put the cable to the machine on the left, then enter the object / cup into the machine, then take a robot
Combine a remote and robotic
Use pliers to open the bars on the chimney, and enter a robot into the chimney
Press each arrow so that the robot moves to press the three red buttons and press "PUSH"
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