Oct 3, 2014

Escape Quest Guide Level 1 2

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Escape Quest Level 1 Guide
See the book in roman numerals on the left cupboard, input roman numerals (II V III) in the table on the right, then take a hammer
Press the painting on the wall right next to take a key

Escape Quest Level 1 Solution

Escape Quest Level 1 Walkthrough

Use a hammer to hit a stuffed pig, and then take a coin
Open the closet door bottom
Use a coin to open the 4 screws, then use the key to open the box
Grab the key in the box and use it to open the door

Escape Quest Level 2 Guide
See the painting at the position and a bookcase on the table right
Take two vases of flowers on the left, then change the position of the four paintings on the left wall, then look at the number 1255 in the box on the wall

Escape Quest Level 2 Walkthrough

Escape Quest Level 2 Solution

Enter the number 1255 on the computer monitor on the desk, and will be seen in black and white boxes to put two flower vases
Place two flower vases on the boxes on the floor in accordance with the instructions on the computer monitor so that the four lights turn green

Escape Quest Level 2 Guide

Escape Quest Level 2 Cheats

See the 3251 at the top of the door as a clue
Enter the number 3251 on the door to open, then grab a key in the circle, then use the key to open the door on the left
Continued to Level 3 on Escape Quest Guide

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