Oct 25, 2014

Escape Quest Guide Level 4

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Escape Quest Level 4 Solution
Take pliers and wire on the table, and combine pliers and wire to make a hook
Use the hook to pick up a box in the aquarium, then take the bulb and the green key in the box
Place the light bulb in the container on the table so that it looks figures 2173

Escape Quest Level 4 Walkthrough

Escape Quest Level 4 Cheats

Press the painting on the right wall, then enter the number 2173
Take a knife and a yellow key in the box
Use a knife to mark an "X" on the fish on the wall, then grab the red key

Escape Quest Level 4 Explanation

Escape Quest Level 4 Guide

Use any colored keys to unlock each lock in accordance with the matching color, then grab the key to open the door
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