May 30, 2016

Playing Strategy Clash Royale

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In the game Clash Royale each player do battle in real time and make the best strategy to destroy the enemy Tower Clash Royale.
How do I or the strategy to be used in playing Clash Royale? The following is the full review:

★ Use Gems To Buy Magical Chest

Gems is one of the currencies that are difficult to obtain, in Clash Royale Gems can be obtained free of charge through the completion of the mission (Achievement) and the opening of the chest.

Some of the new players in Clash Royale may never use gems to open the chest that take a long time. In fact, it is a thing not to be done. In the game Clash Royale, the use of gems made to buy Magical Chest on Shop.

Magical Chest is one of the chest (crates) containing the highest card of the other chest. Magical Chest increasingly costly if the player arena increasingly high, but the number of cards obtained is also much more.

★ Do not rush to Rise Arena

Arena is one of the battles in Clash Royale. The higher the Arena, the cards collected will be better. One of the things to do for starters is not to hurry rise Arena. Because the higher the Arena opponent will be increasingly difficult. If the opponent is difficult, you will continue to lose and do not get a new chest.

★ Upgrade Cards

Upgrade card is important to do in the game Clash Royale. With the upgrade card, your card will certainly be stronger than ever. There are a few things to consider before doing the upgrade card.

Playing Strategy Clash Royale

Card Upgrade requires gold, the greater the level the more expensive the cost of the upgrade, if you are a beginner to play Clash Royale, you should do an upgrade card that is often used. You may upgrade another card if it has more Gold.

You need to know, in the game Clash Royale there are 3 types of cards that you can use to play. The card is a card Building, cards Troops, and cards Spell.

★ Complete Achievements

Achievement in Game Clash Royale may not have been a lot like Clash of Clans. Even so, you can finish Achievements in Clash Royale to earn additional free Gems.

Playing Strategy Clash Royale

★ Join the Clan Other

Just like other strategy games, the game Clash Royale is also able to join another clan or create own clan. The benefits that can be obtained by joining the clan is that you can ask for an additional card, 10 cards Common, and 1 card Rare.

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